Bridging A Verizon Fios Actiontec Router Walkthrough

Taking you step by step through bridging a Verizon Fios Actiontec router to extend signal strength and other awesome things. You need two routers to do this (obviously) and the instructions should be similar for you Windows users out there.
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25 thoughts on “Bridging A Verizon Fios Actiontec Router Walkthrough

  1. Thanks for setting up this video. The text associated with the video made all the difference for me.I couldn’t see the video, because it was too small. I named my 2nd router’s SSID the same as my primary router. In the video you named them differently. Had I followed exactly your method I’m sure it would have worked. Both router’s are setup with different channels. Thanks again for posting both text and videos.

  2. I think you should list out all the steps you took and the ones that you weren’t obvious about.
    First off, you assume that most folks will know to have a splitter for the remote router (“bridge” as you call it). Even if someone figured out that you would have to plug the second router into a coax line for this to work, what happens when that coax line has a STB plugged into it? Secondly, you don’t specify whether the second router (or bridge) can be setup as a wireless access point.

  3. if i setup another actiontec router like this will verizon charge me more for anything????

  4. You may or may not want to disable the wireless section in the remote router. If you leave it enabled, you should set the SSID to the same as your primary router, and set it to use a different channel. This can extend the wireless range of your primary router.

    2.5) Connect the remote Actiontec to the coax (you may need a 1Ghz 1×2 splitter).

  5. 2.4) Disable the remote router’s DHCP server:

    o Click on ADVANCED icon at the top.
    o  Click yes
    o Select IP Address Distribution
    o Select Network (Home/Office)
    o In the IP ADDRESS DISTRIBUTION pull-down, select DISABLED.
    o Click APPLY.

  6. If you’re using the Westell 9100EM as the remote router, the Westell does not have a button to disable the Coax WAN interface. Instead, follow the directions in this post: »Re: Using second Westell to get Ethernet from Coax

  7. 2.3) If primary router’s broadband connection is provisioned over coax, disable the remote router’s coax WAN connection to prevent it from attempting to become the primary router.
    If broadband connection from the ONT to your primary router is ethernet, this step is unnecessary.

    o Login to the router at it’s new IP address.
    o Click on the MY NETWORK icon at the top.
    o Select NETWORK CONNECTIONS from the menu on the left.
    o Click on Broadband Connection (coax)
    o Click on DISABLE

  8. 2.2) Change the remote router’s LAN IP LAN address. This will allow the remote router to be accessible at a known IP address for admin purposes.

    o Click on MY NETWORK icon at the top
    o Click on NETWORK CONNECTIONS on the left menu.
    o Click on Network (Home/Office)
    • On the IP ADDRESS line, enter an available IP address on the same subnet as your primary router (e.g.
    o Click APPLY
    The router will reboot

  9. 2) Using a MOCA router (Actiontec MI424-WR, Westell 9100EM) as a MOCA LAN bridge.

    2.1) You will need to reconfigure the remote router, BEFORE you connect it to the coax.

    o Perform a hard reset on the Actiontec to restore factory defaults.
    o  Connect a PC to a LAN port of the Actiontec.
    By default, DHCP server should be enabled on the Actiontec, so no need to set a static IP address on the PC.
    o Login to the router at

  10. In doing more research on the subject I came across these instructions. I now have two additional actiontech routers configured on my network. Set them all to the same SSID and password and your devices will automatically change from router to router as you move throughout the network. Hope this helps.

  11. i dont understand do you connect the bridge to a coxail cable or do you just after setting it up just plug it to a outlet wall socket

  12. Sure, you should have most of the same settings on your other router. Consult the manual or google if you can’t find something, but the concept is the same with all routers.

  13. so you are bridging 2 actiontech routers? Can you bridge an actiontech to a non actiontech?

  14. Thanks for the help! Worked first time with your instructions. I read a couple articles and their method failed. Thanks!

  15. did you ever fix this? try resetting the phone and cable boxes. they may need to reset to reflect the changes. i have never had any issues with this with any of my devices.

  16. @mrdrofcrows i’ve never had any issues with the tv signals, if you run into that resetting the routers and cable boxes should fix that

  17. I followed this and seems to work. I am able to connect to the internet through the bridged router from my computers over wifi. However, wifi from my phones and TV do not work through the bridge. Any thoughts?

  18. Do you need to have both routers connected to the coax to bridge them like this? I’ve been looking for a way to use the second router to extend my range without running any additional wires and use it as a bridge to my PC in another room that does not have a wireless card.

  19. This video was extremely helpful. I have been looking for a way to bridge two actiontec routers together. Followed the tutorial and it worked the first time. Thanks!!

  20. how are you able to connect to the internet with the new router if you haven’t bridged it yet?

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